Carry Me Kate is a sling library, social meet and consultancy services available in the Somerset, North Somerset and Devon regions.

What is a sling library?

A sling library is a chance to get information and advice on what types of carrier are available. We will talk to you about your needs and why you are looking at a sling and help decide what type is best for you and your lifestyle ensuring you are using a appropriate ergonomic carrier.

We will then show you different types of sling and demonstrate how to use them in line with the TICKS guidelines (these are the safe guidelines for using a sling) We have demo dolls available for you to first try the sling with, we will aim for you to try at least 2 different carriers as each sling fits each person differently and ultimately one will be more comfier than the other for you. Once you find one you like we will let you try it with your own child. We will talk through the safety aspects with you to ensure you understand how to use it safely.

Hiring a carrier

We offer our carriers out for hire, it’s a chance to see if it will work with your lifestyle. Slings can be expensive (although when you compare them to a pushchair they really aren’t) and it is good to see if it will work in your day to day life and if you find it comfy. Hire is £7 per month for a stretchy wrap and £10 a month for everything else. I truly believe in enabling all people to be able to access the service and as such do not take deposits as this can be a barrier for some. What I do ask is for proof of address, so a driving licence or recent utility bill showing your address is required. We will take down some details from you. Payment can be made by cash, card or PayPal. You will receive a hire pack to take away with you that has instructions for use, details of your hire and other relevant information in it including safety information. You will also receive an email from me with this information in it.

Why use a sling?

Slings have many positive effects to parents and caregivers and are a fab resource to fit into your daily life whether you want to carry all the time or just for the occasional dog walk.

  • Reduced risks of post-natal depression
  • Helps caregiver to experience higher levels of oxytocin.
  • Helps with bonding and attachment
  • Carrying an infant reduces the level of stress hormone in both baby and caregiver
  • Carrying counts as tummy time as helps to develop neck control
  • Caregivers are responsive to infant’s needs.
  • Carried babies develop a strong and secure attachment to caregiver which in turn allows babies to initiate separation faster and become self-reliant
  • Hands free for caregiver to get on with daily life
  • Carrying reduces crying and fussiness
  • Helps with digestion, including constipation and reflux


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